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oktober 2019

Structural Essentials Nr 3

The breath is an essential food for life and its passage in and out of the body can be compromised by structural issues in the trunk. The trunk must also act to support the shoulders as well as the neck and head. Its position and relationship with the pelvis can therefore be vital for correct mechanics of the upper limbs and head, neck and jaw.

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november 2019

Bindevevsmassasje kurs for ufaglærte!

Bergen Body Work har arrangert kurser innen bindevev for faglærte terapeuter i 10 år, men aldri tidligere tilbydd eget kurs i dette feltet for dere der hjemme! Etter mange år med forespørsel fra våre klienter, har bbw endelig satt sammen et rykende ferskt bindevevsmassasje kurs for ufaglærte!

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Slings in Motion I

Slings in Motion I is a practical course that will move you! The 3 days are filled with a broad spectrum of diverse exercises and movement sequences. The focus is on 2 highly influential myofascial meridians of the Anatomy Trains body map,

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februar 2020

Structural Essentials Nr 4

This course examines the spine as a tensegrity truss – how the bones float within the myofascial balance. Assessment and techniques for freeing and balancing the spine address: 1. Anterior and posterior curvatures – lordosis and kyphosis

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Slings in Motion II, Bergen 2020

Slings in Motion II is an uplifting and energizing repertoire course that is filled with spirals and arcs, rhythm changes and intensity variations.

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Slings in Motion III Bergen 2020

Slings in Motion III is the movement gem that rounds off the triad of Slings repertoire courses and the whole diploma education. The 4 days are filled with a broad spectrum of multidimensional motions and seamlessly layered functional exercise sequences that focus on the:

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mars 2020

Structural Essentials Nr 5

In this driving day and computer age, the arms get unique usage these days. This course travels from the shoulder to the hand on the Arm Lines, giving techniques for every station along the way.

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april 2020

Structural Essentials Nr 6

The neck is a remarkable feat of biomechanical engineering, giving a combination of wide range of movement but maintaining a structural strength.  It is often seen as the last site of compensation as it corrects for any alteration from below allowing the eyes and ears to orient to the horizon.

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Structural Integration Part II

The 3 session series you will learn during the 10 days, will give you the ability to balance the lower body (first session), the upper body (second session) and the spine (in the third session). The series allows the client to regain a sense of completion and connection in their body, being able to use it as a communicating and co- operative whole, rather than a set of individual part, bringing efficiency and integration to their system.

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september 2020

Structural Integration Part III

The final piece of the ATSI Training takes you through the 12 series'. In this 31 day program students will build on their knowledge and experience in learning the anatomy, theory, and practice of the 12 series of Structural Integration.

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juni 2021

 The Embryo in Us – Triune Man as Embryo

The aim of this course is to make the attendants aware of the great processes and forces of becoming that work in the human body as the necessary conditions for being a human individuality. Not only with the intellect but also by the heart: phenomenology is the approach of experiencing and participation instead of pure thinking and observation. Prior knowledge of embryology is not required.

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