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Slings in Motion III, in Bern Swtzerland!

7. november 2019 09:00 - 10. november 2019 17:009200NOK
Laster Hendelser

Slings in Motion III

(This course will not be available in Norway until 2020. In the meantime it is availabele in Art of Motion home country Switzerland.)


Slings in Motion III

Slings in Motion III is the movement gem that rounds off the triad of Slings repertoire courses and the whole diploma education.
The 4 days are filled with a broad spectrum of multidimensional motions and seamlessly layered functional exercise sequences that focus on the:
  • Authentic and sincerely elongating Deep Front Line (thebodywide myofascial core).
  • Expressive and far-reaching Arm Lines.
In the spirit of structural integration and for the purpose of movement integration, Slings in Motion I and II exercise variations are incorporated in this course.
The versatile repertoire of Slings in Motion III comprises a contrasting blend of:
  • Differentiated and integrated multidimensional exercises in all body positions.
  • Slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences.
  • Exercise variations with and without props.
Each exercise is experienced and discussed in terms of:
  • Movement execution.
  • Myofascial anatomy.
  • Myofascial training techniques.
  • The use and benefits of props.
  • Purposeful sequencing.
  • Short-term and long-term exercise aims.
To deepen the embodiment of the exercises and for personal experience, deliberately themed Slings in Motion master classes are incorporated.
Concluding the course, you will have broad selection of versatile exercises that complement and round off the Slings in Motion I and II repertoire.
Slings in Motion III is the final module in this series; you are just one step away from your diploma, which is the Slings Myofascial Training Certification course!

Learning Objectives and Goals


As a result of taking this course, you will:
  1. Gain a deeper understanding and embodiment of the Deep Front Line Lateral Line and Arm Lines in motion.
  2. Experience all of the primary Deep Front Line and Arm Lines exercises as well as exercise variations.
  3. Experience variations of Slings in Motion I and II exercises and integrative movement sequences.
  4. Understand the movement execution, applied myofascial training techniques, sensible use of props and the training aims for each of the primary exercises.
  5. Deepen the understanding and embodiment of the Slings Myofascial Training concept with daily Slings in Motion master classes.
  6. Gain new somatic insights and a broader spectrum of movement skills.
  7. Obtain a diverse spectrum of profound, multidimensional exercises for the personal practise and teaching.


7. november 2019 09:00
10. november 2019 17:00


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Art of Motion
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