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Dedikert kurs arrangør og brobygger mellom helse profesjoner!

Bergen Body Work As har siden 2010 arrangerer internasjonale og attraktive påbyggingskurs
for autorisert & alternativt helse personell.
Thomas Myers with new workshop in Norway 07-08. april 2018

Thomas Myers with new workshop in Norway 07-08. april 2018

apr 7, 9:00am - apr 8, 5:00pm

Bergen Body Work As
Vestre Strømkaien 1
Bergen,  5008 Kart

Presented by Thomas Myers
The Female Pelvis and the Cycles of Life.

Teacher: Thomas Myers
Date: 07.-08th of April 2018
Time: 09.00-17.00
City: Bergen, Norway
Venue: Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel
Fee: 6500 Nok
After 31.01.18; Fee 7500 Nok
Sponsor: Bergen Body Work As
Sign up: post@bergenbodywork.no
Contact: Therese Hansen +47 92648142

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with the renowned myofascial and clinical expert in the integrative understanding, assessment and treatment of female pelvic health. Clinicians, manual therapists, body workers, birth workers, doulas, and yoga and movement teachers will all benefit from this immersion in fresh perspectives, in-depth anatomy and physiology, and movement explorations.

Explore the rich depths of the pelvis with bodywork, movement, and self-experience. The pelvis is the cradle of life and source of vital function and pleasure, yet potent cultural perspectives and inhibitions surrounding sex, bodily functions, movement, and posture can make it a difficult area to learn to navigate with confidence. Yet proper pelvic balance is so important to the health of the spine, gait, digestion, elimination, childbirth, sexuality, and emotional well being. Sexual trauma, the wounds of childbirth, surgeries, and the challenges to the mature pelvis are our focus (but most of the material in this workshop applies to men as well).

Learn to ‘midwife’ more spacious balance and integrity in the hips, pelvic floor, and low back.
• The balance of pelvic ligaments and menstruation
• The muscular pelvic floor vs. the fascial pelvic floor in ‘core support’
• Pregnancy and childbirth considerations
• Organ attachments and pelvic pain, including embryological and osteopathic visceral perspectives and treatment
• Respiratory and pelvic diaphragms, Prolapse, Better Alternatives to Kegels
• Pelvic Nutrition
• A full understanding of the psoas complex, deep lateral rotators, adductor group
• Pelvic innervation, arousal, sacred aspects
• Sex and the Psoas
• Childbirth and the Psoas
• Applications to yoga, bodywork, strengthening, breath, obstetrics, gynecology, and midwifery

Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains® and director of Kinesis Inc, a worldwide bodywork education company. He is the author of Anatomy Trains (Elsevier, 2001, 2009, 2014), the co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010, 2017), and numerous articles for trade magazines and journals that have been collected in the books Body3, The Anatomist's Corner, and Structural Integration: Collected Articles. He has also produced over 35 DVDs and numerous webinars on visual assessment, Fascial Release Technique, and the applications of fascial research. More info: www.anatomytrains.com

• CE Approval: 14 CEs from NCBTMB & NYSED (NY State Massage Board), and 14 CECs PMA
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Anatomy trains in motion 13. april 2018

Anatomy trains in motion 13. april 2018

apr 13, 9:00am - apr 15, 5:00pm

Drøbak, Akershus
Drøbak,   Kart


Date: 13th-15th april 2017
Time: 09.00-17.00
City: Drøbak Norway
Venue: Drøbak Yoga Studio
Teacher: Kiki Vance
Early Bird fee if sign up before 30.12.17: 6300nok
Late registration: 7300nok

Anatomy Trains in Motion is filled with functional anatomy, movement relevant information and practical applications that not only sound good on paper, but also work well in real life.

At the heart of the course are the myofascial meridians. Understanding the lines’ integral anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable for body reading, clear movement intention, lesson planning and teaching. Yes, myofascial meridians are so much more than ‘lines’ that can be ‘superimposed’ onto exercises!

The essential events of walking, or said differently, the necessary motions for engaging myofascial meridians efficiently in gait, are a theme that runs throughout the 3 days.

All of the theory is “translated” into movement with lots of exercises, functional sequences and a specifically designed Anatomy Trains in Motion lesson.

If you love integral anatomy and want to gain an extensive understanding of the Anatomy Trains body map through movement, this course is for you.

Duration: 3 days/21 hours.
Prerequisite: Movement or bodywork certification.
Certificate: Certificate of participation.


Anatomy Trains Body Map In the Body Map section of the course we will discuss Anatomy Trains as a practical guide for movement teachers.

Myofascial Meridians in Motion

The first four Myofascial Meridians are discussed and explored in detail, with the Arm and Functional Lines layered in. An overview of the Deep Front Line and practical applications is also included:

- Superficial Back Line. oIncluded: Back Arm Lines.
- Superficial Front Line. oIncluded: Front Arm Lines.
- Lateral Line.
- Spiral Line. oIncluded: Functional Lines.
- Deep Front Line.

The main goals are:
- Know the myofascial components of each meridian.
- Experience each line in motion.
- Get a sense of each meridian’s sensory qualities.
- Recognize their influence on postural and movement patterns. - - Understand their interconnected nature.

The base teaching structure is as follows:
- Each meridian is experienced with a specifically sequenced exercise selection.
- Each meridian’s myofascial anatomy is discussed and practical applications included.
- General postural, movement and training considerations are discussed.

Body Reading
Body Reading revolves around holistic postural and movement evaluation. You are training your eyes to recognize structural relationships and corresponding patterns in the myofascial meridians.

Essential Events
Essential events are key joint actions for walking that engage the lines most efficiently. In other words, essential events facilitate the freedom of movement that allows you walk with ease; therefore they will be discussed during the course and incorporated in practise.

Anatomy Trains in Motion Lesson
The course starts and finishes with a seamless movement class comprising purposefully sequenced exercises in which:
- Each myofascial meridian is focused on with clear intention.
- Essential movement events are improved.
- Myofascial training techniques are incorporated

Sign up: post@bergenbodywork.no
Sponsor: Bergen Body Work As
Contact: Therese Hansen
Mob: 926 48 142
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Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I

Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I

jun 5, 9:00am - jun 10, 5:00pm

Drøbak, Akershus
Drøbak,   Kart



Date: 05.june-6.june + 08.juni-10.juni 2018
Time: 09.00-17.00
City: Drøbak, Norway
Venue: Drøbak Yoga Studio
Fee: Early Bird before 31.12.17; 10 500 Nok
Late registration; 13 000 Nok
Deposit: 4 000 Nok
Sign up: post@bergenbodywork.no
Contact: Therese Hansen, +47 926 48 142

Slings Essentials is all about fascia, its role in movement and conscious training. The comprehensive information will serve as a knowledge-base for the Slings in Motion repertoire courses.

The first half of Slings Essentials revolves around fascial architecture, its interactive relationship with other systems and 10 movement relevant qualities of fascia.

The second part is dedicated to the Slings philosophy and the ‘Big 6’ long-term training aims, followed by the 10 guiding principles and 10 myofascial training techniques.

Although Slings Essentials contains a good portion of theory (as tends to be the nature of a science-informed foundation education), getting the body moving is still an integral part of the training. Morning lessons and practical applications linked to the theory are as much a part of the course as the integral-anatomy-Sudoku that makes fascia so fascinating.

If you are serious about fascia and a comprehensive understanding of its role in movement, this course is for you.

Duration: 2 days/14 hours.
Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains in Motion.
Other approved Anatomy Trains courses may also qualify – let us know what you have done and we will let you know how to start your Slings education from there.

Certificate: Certificate of participation.



Slings in Motion I is the first of the series of Slings repertoire courses. It revolves around a very influential myofascial meridian duo; the “supportive, quietly persevering” Superficial Back Line and the “protective, proactive” Superficial Front Line of the Anatomy Trains body map.

All Slings in Motion modules are self-contained, practical repertoire courses. Although each Slings in Motion course has a clearly defined theme and a unique exercise selection, they have common features.

All Slings in Motion courses include the following content.

Practical execution of a contrasting blend of:
- Differentiated and integrated multidimensional exercises in all body positions.
- Slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences.
- Exercise variations with and without additional props.

In-depth discussion of:
- Movement execution.
- Functional anatomy.
- Short-term and long-term exercise aims.
- Slings guiding principles.
- Slings myofascial training techniques.
- Purposeful sequencing.

Functionally choreographed, smooth flowing Slings SynerChi movement sequences. Daily Slings in Motion master classes.

We foster independent thinking and we really want you to understand each exercise, so you can practice, modify and teach with clear intention and confidence – and have some fun along the way! If you are a curious mover and individualistic teacher who likes to understand exercises and functional sequencing, the Slings in Motion courses are for you.

Duration: 3 days/21 hours.
Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials. Certificate: Certificate of participation.
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Anatomy Trains in Motion

april 13 09:00 - april 15 17:00

Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I

juni 5 09:00 - juni 10 17:00