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Structural Integration
By Therese​ ​Hansen

Anatomy Trains Structural integration is a balancing process where the client and the therapist work in team. Structural Integration is divided into 12 sessions (75 – 90 minutes) with a beginning, a middle and an end. SI is not a quick fix solution but rather an integral journey in your own body, that is recommended to receive over a periode of time, 6-12 months. The hands-on technique used is Myofascial Release and successively it will be selected exercises and movement that integrates. This combination stimulate the kinesthetic sense and provide better conditions for truly owning your own process. We all have individual starting points and the experience of SI will therefore also be unique.

12-series step by step

In the SI 12-series programme each session works on a different area and SI should therefore always be completed as a composite process over 12 sessions. In the first four sessions we work with the four outer lines, Superficial Front Line, Superficial Back Line, Lateral Line and Spiral Line. Here the connective tissue between the major muscle groups is hydrated in order to increase coherent mobility. In the fifth to seventh sessions we then work on stability in the deep lines, Deep Front Line and Deep Back Line. The deep structures have strong and dominating patterns that can result in reduced mobility and restrictions in body posture through several joints. A gait analysis that is carried out at every session is an elementary tool that reveals how the compensations affect the movement of the body between the feet and the head. In the eighth session we work specifically with the asymmetry of the jaw, cranium and face, while in the ninth session attention moves to the hands, lower and upper arms as well as shoulders. In this session, work is done on the arm lines and balancing of the shoulders in relation to the thorax. In the tenth to twelfth sessions all the lines are evaluated in relation to the functional lines, and specific areas are re-visited in order to make a final impact on the individual client’s most dominant features. Movement is integrated into the treatment.

Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes and an interval of 7-14 days is recommended between each session. This enables us to maintain continuity in the awareness process, which is important in order to achieve an optimal effect. Structural Integration can be seen as an educated balancing between touch and movement, which will provide a basic foundation for establishing a balanced and uncomplicated improvement to body posture.

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