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Classic Massage and Relaxation Massage

Classic Massage and Relaxation Massage

Classic massage involves rhythmic kneading and stretching of muscles. It improves blood and lymph circulation, increases hormone production and stimulates nervous system, which results in more flexible and elastic muscles. Such a treatmen has an effect on the entire body.

Classic massage can also take form of a relaxation massage, where emphasis is placed on achieving relaxation by using smooth, long and gentle techniques. The aim of a relaxation massage is for the client to relax and enjoy the their time.

60 minutes is recommended for a full body massage.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a form of massage that can be applied on both healthy, but also previously injured areas that are characterized by tense and sore muscles. Sports massage is often used by those who want and can endure a deeper massage, often before or after major physical strain.

This is done in order to achieve maximum performance, reduce recovery time and limit muscle pain. Sports massage utilizes similar techniques as classic massage, however reaches deeper and is more vigorous.

A trigger point (TrP), also know as muscle knot, is a small and sensitive patch of myofascial tissue that can be a source of local, but also referred pain. Trigger points can either be latent (inactive) or active. Most people have latent trigger points that are always little sensitive due to various factors, but active TrPs can be unusually sore and bothersome. In such cases trigger point treatment can be extremely effective, providing immediate relief.

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