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About Bergen Bodywork

Bergen Bodywork offers treatment opportunities in two private clinics in central Bergen and at the Oasen Senter in Fyllingsdalen, and onsite corporate massages in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger.

Bergen Bodywork AS was established in 2002 and currently has 8 massage therapists, 2 KMI therapist working in the clinic. We work interdisciplinarily with various forms of treatment, thus creating a unique competence in comprehensive treatment and balancing of the musculoskeletal system.

Therese Hansen

CEO and Founder - Structural Integrator / KMI therapist

Kari Lise Herland

Kinesiologist & Structural Bodyworker (NMF)

Thomas Ziembicki

Massage therapist & Structural Bodyworker (NMF)

Kjersti Akselberg

Massage therapist & Structural Bodyworker (NMF)

Konrad Koziol

Massage therapist (NMF)

Cathrine O Horneland

Massage therapist & Personal Trainer (NMF)

Charlotte Fagerbakke

Massage therapist (NMF)

Kevin Rohrbeck

Massage therapist (NMF)

Don Thompson

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration therapist & teacher