Workshop for hands-on therapists

Workshop in Bergen and Oslo 2017/2018 sponsored by Bergen Body Work AS.

Please click each Workshop for description. (link to Facebook event)


21. – 23. Oktober -16 Bergen :Fascial Release for Structural Balance: Shoulders & Arms. 

Les mer om FRSB- Shoulders & Arms


19. – 20. November -16 Bergen :Fascial Relese for Structural Balance; Head Neck & Jaw.

Les mer om FRSB- Head Neck & Jaw


09.-19. Mars  -17 Bergen :Structural Bodywork Certification Module Bergen 2017

Les mer om Structural Bodywork Certification Module


11. – 13. November -16 Bergen :Anatomy Trains In Motion by Karin Gurtner

Les mer om Anatomy Trains in Motion