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Lymphatic drainage

Desription: Lymph drainage (decongestant therapy, manual lymph drainage, MLD) is a special medical form of massage. It is part of “Complex Physical Decongestion Therapy” and is used to overload the tissue fluid (lymphedem).

Effect: MLD is the proper therapy for the treatment of lymphatic edema, which is characterized by insufficient transport capacity for lymphatic vessels under normal lymphatic load (even low volume insufficiency). These include congenital (primary) and secondary lymphoema. The classic indication is secondary lymphoma of the arm after breast surgery.

By activating the lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage can help break down water retention and tighten the connective tissue and thus counteract cellulite.
Additional indications are all orthopedic and traumatic diseases accompanied by swelling (eg disorders, stems, sprains, torn muscle fibers). Also for fire, whiplash, Sudeck’s disease, migraine and similar diseases, manual lymphatic drainage is used.