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Atlaskorrigering Engelheart®

Atlaskorrigering Engelheart® is a technique derived from the Atlasprofilax procedure, and further developed from practice and experience.

Atlaskorrigering Engelheart® is about determining whether the Atlas/C1 is leveled or must be adjusted and aligned.

If Atlas/C1 has a defective rotation position, it may affect your muscular and skeletal system, possibly causing stiffness and pain, uneven leg lengths, and/or a crooked pelvis. 

The nerve signal transport through the Central Nervous System can be delayed, which may cause imbalance in the body’s internal systems. It can appear through headaches, fatique, difficulty concentrating, gastrointestinal problems, sleep issues, and blurred vision.

Infants with defective rotation position of the Atlas/C1 can have Colic, Hip dysplasia or KISS-syndrome.

With Atlaskorrigering Engelheart®, the Atlas/C1 will be aligned through soft tissue work within the neck, without the need of any chiropractor grip. 

This treatment is delivered by Marit Broch Johanssen and can be ordered her