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Marit Broch Johansen

Atlasterapeut Engelheart®

Structural Bodyworker & Massør MNMF

Marit knew already in the 1980’es, when studying to become a teacher, that one day she would go All in as a Bodyworker. It took her 27 years to collect enough experience from all kind of Works and from Life itself, prepearing to become a therapist with knowledge and understanding of the Human Body. Her main goal for every client is to help them getting better days, and finally reach the condition of ‘No need to come for another session’.

In 2007 she graduated as a massage therapist from Massasje og terapiskolen (MTS) in Tromsoe. In 2014 she graduated as a Structural Bodyworker. She is studying and training to become an Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator (ATSI). 

In 2016 Marit got her Licence as an Atlas therapist Engelheart. This is a technique to spot a defective rotation position of the Atlas/C1, and align it again by working on the soft tissue connected to Atlas/C1. Marit is one of few Atlas therapists in Norway. She will give this spescial treatment at Bergen Body Work As.

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