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Konrad Koziol

Massage Therapist (MNMF)

Konrad is an enthusiastic and solution-oriented massage therapist with great interest in soft tissue treatment and exercises. In 2015 he graduated from the Institute of General Medicine in Bergen (IFH) and in his career he has collaborated with footballers in first division football team, professional dancers, and a number of private customers with different muscle and skeletal issues.

Konrad offers massage treatments at Bergen Body Work clinic in central Bergen and at Bergen Body Work clinic at the Oasen center in Fyllingsdalen, in partnership with Sprek & Blid. He also runs successful collaboration with Nettbuss Askøy & Myreze As. As a member of Team Bergen Body Work, Konrad is an active participant in various professional courses and remains devoted to continous development in the subject. Welcome!

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