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Don Thompson has been involved in the study of the 4-dimensional human form and the therapeutic relationship for the best part of 3 decades.

Don is a Board-Certified Structural Integrator … initially trained in London in 2001 and then with ATSI/KMI in 2007. In October he completes the Advanced training in with the European Guild of Structural Integration. He holds a BSc in Complementary Therapies and Bodywork from the University of Westminster in London, UK.

The majority of Don’s work is with people with chronic pain and discomforts that have their origins in work patterns, habits, & posture. He takes a client-centred and problem-solving approach using Structural Integration, DNM, and movement re-education with the people he works with.

Increasingly his work with clients focusses on embodiment … how to connect the often lost connection between the ground, gravity and our inner selves in a playful, exploratory, creative and reassuring context using dermal neural stimulation (touch), with movement, within a plan, to achieve a certain set of goals.

Don’s personal journey of discovery has led him around the world, teaching and sharing his passion for anatomy and Structural Integration with the Anatomy Trains School of Structural Integration (ATSI / KMI). He has taught from Scandinavia, throughout Europe and as far afield as the USA, China, South Korea & Australia

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