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Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool and treatment method that involves testing muscles in order to identify and correct imbalances in the body. The word comes from the Greek κίνησις kínēsis, “movement”, and -λογία -logia, “study” – the study of movement. Applied kinesiology was first developed in the US on the basis of Western knowledge and Oriental principles of energy flow. With the help of muscle testing, also known as muscle monitoring, a kinesiologist tests where a client has blockages, whether physical, mental, nutritional or chemical.

Energy flows freely through the body’s meridian channels (i.e. energy channels) when we are balanced and healthy. If someone is in imbalance it can mean that the flow of energy is blocked in one or more meridians. According to this method each muscle group is connected to different parts of the body.

Many directions within kinesiology. A number of different directions or specialised areas have developed within kinesiology. A common thread for the more recent directions is that muscle tests are the basis for treatment.

Kinesiology appointments can be made with Kari Lise Herland. The recommended time for a first consultation is 60-75 minutes.